The Media Ministry

Our Media Ministry is comprised of Television, Radio, and Internet Ministries.

Our television ministry continues to reach more and more viewers. 3:16TV is a new facet of the Media Ministry at First Baptist Church and is currently seen from 8:00am Sunday morning until midnight Sunday night on both MUS channel 4 and Charter channel 4. Between the two television providers we are reaching over 24,000 households. The Schedule is updated and found on the following link.
As for other media outlets, we are currently on two different radio stations. We are on WCRK every Sunday morning at 8:00 am with the previous Sunday morning’s service. We are also on WGSN 90.7 LIVE every Sunday morning at 11:00am.
We have a strong Internet presence and we are growing in this area. Our website over the last 4 weeks has seen 1,506 unique visitors to our website. These visitors have been responsible for over 12,000 page views during the month. We also stream our 10:30 and our 6:00 services live every Sunday. The live access page is Each Sunday we average 85 unique people watch us live online. Our live streaming page has been visited by 86 different counties over the past year. The top 5 countries in order are US, Canada, India, United Kingdom, and the Philippines. All past sermons are also available for viewing on the website.  
Our live streaming has turned into a product for other ministries to be able to stream their services. Since we own the rights to our multicasting servers we offer the ability for others to stream through us (without any FBC logos on their streams) at a reduced cost. Three local churches are currently using our services to stream their ministries and we are currently working with other churches to get their streaming online. This is a very popular service that we offer other ministries in our area, and we are excited about being able to help them get their ministries online. We are currently working on an additional avenue for Internet broadcast. We hope to be able to speak more about it in the first quarter of 2013.
There are currently 44 volunteers for the media ministry. A Sunday morning 10:30 service takes 11 volunteers to make it happen for media and support services. The following jobs comprise the media ministry:
  • Director
  • Technical Director
  • Graphics Operator
  • 4 Camera Positions
  • Broadcast Sound Tech
  • House Sound Tech
  • Lighting Tech
  • Screen Operator
Volunteers are needed for each service and we could­­ not do it without them. If you would be interested in volunteering for this exciting and rapid paced ministry please give me a call at (423) 586-0522 x171

Thank You,
Doug Johnson


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