Living Waters

David and Becky Stepp of Living Waters Ministry
David has been a Christian for 28 years and attends First Baptist Church Morristown.
He retired in 2009 from the H.T. Hackney Corporation, where he operated an 18-wheeler for 25 years. He and Becky live in Morristown, where they raised three children, Kim, Chad, and Justin.

David received his Biblical Studies certificate in 2009.
God has allowed David to raise money for wells and churches in India,Africa and Mexico.

In Africa, David Stepp has given solar Bibles, and assisted in planting 50 churches

In Mexico

In India

     David in front of an idol they worship      Giving out Bibles in the men's penitentiary

Men's Penitentiary
                    A Church in India              A Woman in the Women's Penitentiary

A Church Service                                      People being saved

 30 Wells have been dug                             9 churches have been built

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