FBC Vision

Brother Dean's Philosophy of Ministry

1) RELATIONSHIPS will determine the SPIRIT of the Church

People will not buy-in to the vision until they buy-in to the leadership. They do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.

2) PERSONNEL will determine the POTENTIAL of the Church

You already have a very gifted staff and future staff must be top caliber.

3) PRAYER will determine the POWER of the Church

When we work, we work. When we pray, God works.

4) STRUCTURE will determine the SIZE of the Church

A church must be willing to always evaluate and change its structure to accommodate future growth.

5) PREACHING will determine the STRENGTH of the Church

I would pledge to you to always be prepared in the pulpit and always preach the Word of God.

6) OUTREACH will determine the GROWTH of the Church

We must make a great commotion about the Great Commission. Our passion must be reaching the lost and discipling the saved. We must have a vision for the entire world!

7) LEADERSHIP will determine the SUCCESS of the Church

My leadership model is not that of a dictator but a facilitator and navigator. EVERYTHING rises and falls on leadership. I would pledge to be not only a Pastor but a leader for the Church and in the community.

8) VISION will determine the FUTURE of the Church

With God’s help we will develop a comprehensive plan that will enable us to chart a course for the future of FBC Morristown. It will not be a small vision!

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